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VR Mastered

Passionate and powerful education in the vacation rental industry

Passionate and powerful

You are passionate.

You want your guests to experience your country, your city, your neighborhood, and your property in such a way that they will smile broadly with every memory of their stay with you.

You are powerful.

You have the power to create an experience for your guests that is beyond wonderful or that is horrifically deplorable.

You can use your passion and power to touch the lives of your guests

VR Mastered will teach you:

  • how to harness your passion and power
  • how to market your delightful experience
  • how to deliver your enchanting experience to your guests


Get it done

Come with questions.
Leave with things done.

This is not your normal conference or meet up where the presenters present and the attendees attend.

You will learn.
You will make a task list.
We will do - together.

You will learn and do

We know it is tough to navigate the vacation rental industry as an owner and property manager.

We have been through it ourselves and are still doing it, making our way through the changes, adapting and pivoting with the industry.

We have made our mistakes and our successes.

Now you can take advantage of our experiences.

testimonial photo

I attended with the goals of shortening my learning curve in a new industry and ensuring a strong start for my budding business.

No question, those goals were met.

I would highly recommend boot camp for any host, new or seasoned, who wants to create some serious momentum in their vacation rental business.


Thursday, Day 1
1:00pm to 4:00pm


Boots on the Ground
- Marketing
- Storytelling
- Keywords

4:00pm to 6:30pm
Nashville City Tour (shuttle to Nashville and tour included)

Dinner, evening, and Uber/Lyft back on your own

Friday, Day 2
7:30am to 8:00am
Breakfast (included)

8:00am to 3:30pm
(lunch is included)

Boots on the Ground
- Social Media Calendar
- Canva
- Instagram
- Pinterest

4:00pm to 6:30pm
Secret Nashville activity (optional)

Dinner and evening on your own in Nashville

Saturday, Day 3
7:30am to 8:00am
Breakfast (included)

8:00am to 5:00pm
(lunch is included)

Boots on the Ground
- Bed Making
- Towel Folding
- Best practices

Photography and Video
- Facebook Live
- Using your smartphone
- Video clips for social media
- Youtube

Facebook Ads
- Facebook biz page
- Facebook targeted ad

- Set up MailChimp
- Best practices for newsletters
- Create your first newsletter in MailChimp

Evening and dinner on your own

Sunday, Day 4
8:30am to 10:30am
One on one with instructors or sleep in

10:30am to 12:00pm
HomeAway Hospitality app

12:00pm to 2:00pm
Lunch (on your own)

1:00pm to 5:00pm

Boots on the Ground
- Properly
- Listing sites
- Headlines
- Thumbnails
- Descriptions

5:30pm to 6:30pm
Open workshop hours

Dinner and evening on your own

Monday, Day 5
8:00am to 8:30am
Breakfast (included)

8:30am to 10:30am

- Answering Inquiries
- Booking
- Key Correspondence
- Check-in follow up
- Check-out follow up
- Reviews

- Personal website options

Ask us Anything
- Q&A

10:30am to 1:00pm
Open workshop hours and one on one time

Agenda and times are subject to change as we tweak the schedule.

Grab one of the remaining spots

Limited to 20 seats

October 19-23, 2017
Nashville, Tennessee

Spring 2017 was SOLD OUT in Tulum, Mexico!

Our host hotel has a special block of rooms set aside just for vacation rental boot camp at a discounted rate. One of only 7 Hilton Suites in the entire United States, the Brentwood location is perfect for us.

How do we know it’s perfect? Because we went to Nashville to tour several properties before choosing the Hilton Suites.



Travelers are demanding an experience, not just a bed to place their head. Stand out from the crowd of properties with your marketing.

As a small business owner, you may not have a cohesive marketing plan and are one who relies on listing sites to fill your calendar.

It is time to pivot - to truly master your business.

Marketing is key to getting your vacation rental in front of people who want to experience your place and your area.

With the VR Boot Camp, you will begin to see yourself as a “set director” for a vacation, adding vacation to your home.

Marketing may feel scary to you.

We will walk you through each step of marketing in the VR Boot Camp:

  • Create a marketing plan
  • Refine property descriptions and headlines
  • Set up social media accounts
  • Write your first email newsletter

Travelers are looking for experiences, not 2 beds/2 baths.

And you will deliver an unforgettable experience to your guests, one that they will talk about for years to come.

People are eager for a vacation. You will learn how to lead them to the vacation of their heartfelt desires, step-by-step, through their internal objections, until they feel compelled to give you their credit card number.

testimonial photo

We would not be on this successful venture-journey without your expert guidance. Boot Camp was the turning point. And you can quote us!

We are sticking on message with little flail-moving to more independence in this fun, exciting world of vacation rental, Mahalos to you!

Listing sites

You will learn how to write a compelling headline and words that trigger powerful emotions in future guests.

Your copy is really a love letter to your guests’ weary souls.

Listing sites are not evil and should still be an important part of your business plan.

We will cover a 10 point checklist so you can see where you excel and what areas you need to give some more attention to.

Then, we will tackle those areas together.


The average vacation rental sold in 2015 in the United States for $192,000. If you spent nearly $200k on a coffee shop, I bet one of the first things you would do is to get a website.

Yet websites is an area where many owners fail.

Guests see you as a professional if you have invested the time and funds into a website. In addition, you have unlimited space to talk up not only the experience you offer, but the experience your area offers.

There are only a few options we highly recommend for personal websites, depending on your needs as an owner:

  • a robust WordPress site
  • Tyann’s beautiful OnePage (this site is built on it)
  • a few high capability software solutions

We will cover the benefits and the disadvantages of each choice, helping you decide what the right fit is for your business.

And if you are highly motivated, you can choose to even leave the VR Boot Camp with your new website live.

Social Media

You will spend focused time in small groups, with laptops out, to finally crack the code to Facebook and YouTube marketing, the two highest ROI social media platforms for travel.

We will also touch on Pinterest and a free tool to make your own memes.

What’s a meme, you ask? No worries, we have got your covered!

Because movement captures eyes, you will learn how to use a free tool to create movies out of your photos, and we will build a campaign directed at your ideal guest using highly targeted Facebook tools.

Since Facebook knows everything about everyone already, you will harness that power to get your vacation rental property in front of interested future guests for a fraction of the cost of those who go at it alone, with much better results.

Email newsletters

Simply the most effective marketing campaign around, email marketing will become part of your marketing plan.

After this session, you will come away with a free MailChimp account and a newsletter template. In just a few easy steps, you will gather all of the email addresses from those who have inquired about your property from listing sites as well as those who have booked through your HomeAway account.

You will also leave the VR Boot Camp armed with future email newsletters that you simply tweak for your own property, send to your email list, and enjoy their beautiful effectiveness.

testimonial photo

This vacation rental boot camp exceeded my expectations.

It was jampacked with helpful information taught by successful vacation rental owners with complimentary expertise.

The opportunity to devote time to learn and network with just a few other owners was well worth the cost.

Photography and Video


Important and elusive.

We will show you how to conquer one of the most important aspects of your marketing plan.

And bonus, you will get a professional head shot done by Tyann Marcink ($200 USD value).


Travelers are drawn to video.

We will teach you how to make short video clips perfect for your social media posts that will engage travelers looking to become your guests.

But not just record them on your smartphone. We will sit down and do quick edits to add music and text to engage viewers.



Guests will remember how you make them feel.

Are you heaping on the warm fuzzies or treating them like unwelcome houseguests?

With our toolkit of hospitality “must-dos” and live demonstrations, you can ensure your guest’s first word when they step through the door is “Ooooo!” and not “Oh.”

At the VR Boot Camp, we will not only tell you how to be hospitable, but we will show you hospitality.

You will love learning by immersion.


Do you speak linens? After our VR Boot Camp, you will!

We will talk about the best sheets, towels and blankets in the biz, and how to tuck and fold like a hospitality professional. Follow our tips and we guarantee guests will mention your attention to detail in their reviews.


The “little things” are the next frontier of successful vacation rentals.

Learn which amenities should you make standard at your property…and which you can skip to save some money.

We may even send you home with a certificate of excellence.

Get first dibs on the limited spots

Video Courses

Video courses

Boot Camp includes the added value of our personal video courses.

This giant video course bundle takes the best of each of us, all together, for you to continue to learn from the comfort of your laptop and pajamas after boot camp.

Boot Camp attendees get the video courses for free!

Currently it includes:

  • Tyann’s Vacation Rental Photography video course (preview it here)
  • Alanna’s Hospitality video course (preview coming soon)
  • Plus Instagram and Facebook Marketing for Vacation Rentals (in the works)

Note: The video course bundle is not the exact same information as what will be at the Boot Camp. Some of the parts will overlap and other parts will be different. The video course is not a substitute for the Boot Camp. It is additional value for you to continue learning on your own time.



We know you have questions.

We have answers.

When is the VR Boot Camp?
October 19-23, 2017

Where is the Fall 2017 VR Boot Camp?
In the Nashville, Tennessee area. We chose to hold the event just a few miles outside of Nashville in the lovely Brentwood area at the Hilton Suites of Brentwood. This gives us the attractions of Nashville nearby, but more reasonable lodging costs, including free parking in Brentwood!

What airport should I fly into?
Nashville, Tennessee

How do I get to the VR Boot Camp?
Flying or driving is best, although a horse and carriage is more scenic.

Do I need to rent a car if I fly into Nashville?
Not if you don’t want to. Both Uber and Lyft are available in the Nashville/Brentwood area. If you would like a discount code for your first time using one of these services, just email us!

Where will we stay during the VR Boot Camp?
Our host hotel for boot camp has set aside a block of rooms at a great rate just for us. You can book your room at our special link here or feel free to make lodging accommodations where you feel most comfortable.

May I bring my spouse/significant other/best friend/teammate?
Yes! If they plan to attend the Boot Camp, we have a special price for spouses and teams. If they want to just hang out as a tourist while you are at the Boot Camp, they don’t need a Boot Camp spot. If they are going to share your room, there is no additional room charge. Basically, bring someone with you for more fun at a low cost!

Can I stay longer in the location for a little vacation?
Absolutely! We encourage you to do so.

Do you have industry companies who believe in you enough to sponsor the education at VR Boot Camp?
Yes, we do! Please visit them and let them know we sent you over. We will be teaching the advantages of using these companies at our boot camp as well.


The smartest way to price your rental across every major channel
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Vacation Rental Desk

The Fast & Easy Way to Manage Your Vacation Rentals
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Providing the Tools and People for the Best in Short Term Rental Cleaning
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Proper Insurance

Vacation Rental Insurance For Homeowners
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We’re giving people the power to know the noise level at their property anytime, anywhere.
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Vacation Rental Success Summit

Take your vacation rental from ‘Best Kept Secret’ to a household name
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Home Sweet Anywhere

A memoir by Lynne Martin
Get your copy now

We know you have even more questions, and we have more answers.

Please send us an email:


Alanna Schroeder

Happiness is a well-made bed.

That’s my mantra as founder of The Distinguished Guest, a hospitality supplier for vacation rentals. Your guests want a hotel-quality experience…and yep, it starts in bed!

(The Distinguished Guest also supplies bath amenities, swimming pool goodies, and more.)

I’m also a property owner: I have been managing two 5-star vacation rentals for 10 years in Tahoe and Kauai.

My mission is to share deals I have found on simple, quality products that make turnovers a little easier for managers and travel a little more beautiful for guests.

Tyann Marcink

My recent adventures took me down the face of a slippery cliff off the Na Pali Coast in Kauai and into a secret cave with 20 sleeping sea turtles. I have dangled my feet from the edge of canyons and climbed poles to get “the shot.”

My passion for photography and vacation rentals truly makes my eyes sparkle.

Considered the industry leader in vacation rental photography, I also have the advantage of the property owner’s viewpoint, as I have two properties in Branson, Missouri and have hosted over 5,000 guests since 2007 with well over 200 online reviews.

In addition, I am an owner consultant for HomeAway and teach the vacation rental niche to photographers.

I have written two books and created a video course on vacation rental photography as well as teach workshops on the subject and presented at industry conferences, including:

  • Vacation Rental World Summit
  • Vacation Rental Success Summit
  • VRMA East
  • Florida VRMA
  • HomeAway Summits

See the articles I have written for HomeAway and other companies and magazines here.

Follow my adventures, photography tips, and vacation rental insights at tyannmarcink.com.

Additional speakers

We've added some incredible leaders to the Fall 2017 Boot Camp!

Jessica Vozel

Jessica Vozel is a writer and travel marketer who has worked with vacation rental owners and managers on every continent but Antarctica (someday!). Her copywriting agency, Guest Hook, helps vacation rentalists with their copy, content marketing, branding and marketing strategy. Before Guest Hook, she worked as a college writing instructor.

Nancy McAleer

Nancy is happy to share her experience as a vacation rental owner. She specializes in turning investment properties into profit centers - with some lows, but mostly highs along the way.

Nancy is a vacation rental consultant and small business executive with a focus on social media, guest experience, interior design and vacation rental optimization.

Most recently Nancy is the co-founder of Florida Rental by Owners, a regional listing website for Homeowners and Travelers looking to connect without communication barriers or traveler fees. She is also a contributing writer to Matt Landau’s Vacation Rental Marketing Blog.



Have a question about VR Mastered, the educational boot camp, or video courses that is not covered in our FAQ?

Please contact us whichever way is easiest for you:

testimonial photo

Attending the Boot Camp took my vacation rental knowledge to a whole new level.

No matter where you are in the process, you will come away with a whole new tool box to play with.

You have made it all the way through the entire website…here is what’s next:

The vacation rental industry companies who sponsor the VR Mastered Boot Camp and the education and success of vacation rental owners and hosts like you:

Your time is valuable.

Learn how to be the best owner and host in hospitality and workflow.

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